The 6th HIDFF (AUG 2022)

6th Season Schedule
This event will be held in Hollywood on August 12th (Day 1) and 13th (Day 2), 2022 beginning at 1PM Pacific Time each day. For details on the venue location, see our Festival page.

BLOCK A - Day 1 at 1pm

A short documentary film created with the goal of decreasing violence against animals by raising awareness of what different faiths teach about compassion, animals, and the environment. The film features leaders across religious and cultural backgrounds including: Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Jainism, the Baha'i, and members of First Nations/Native American communities.
Directed by Jennifer Jessum
Cast: Saginaw Grant, Sam Bearpaw

CUE: Saudi Arabia's Electronic Underground
From smuggling vinyls and performing in basements to suddenly hosting one the region’s largest music festivals, the film CUE captures an intimate look into the lives of three underground DJs who inadvertently lead Saudi Arabia’s cultural revolution through electronic dance music.
Directed by Ahmad Alammary
Cast: Ahmad Alammary, Muhanned Nassar, Hassan Ghazawi, Abbas Ghazawi, Nouf Sufyani

BLOCK B - Day 1 at 2:30pm

Hey Kameeni
The story of two young girls in male-dominated Indian society taking their stand in a game of pretence and subterfuge using everything they know, every trick they've learned, and then some.
Directed by Mani Shankar
Written by Mani Shankar
Cast: Asheema Vardhaan, Drishika Chander

BLOCK C - Day 1 at 4:40pm

We Breathe, We Live: Brotherly Love Protest Stories
A documentary telling the stories of seven men from a variety of backgrounds who participated in the George Floyd inspired Black Lives Matters protests in Philadelphia.
Directed by Glenn Holsten

BLOCK D - Day 2 at 1pm

My Daughter Is Coming
The story of Lan Lan, a struggling novelist who didn't want to become her mother - a woman who gave up her dreams of becoming a violinist when she left China to open a restaurant in Auckland, New Zealand - on her own journey into motherhood.
Directed by Lina Tianyue Hu
Written by Lina Tianyue Hu
Cast: Melissa Xiao

A comedy pilot set in Nashville about three roommates navigating the film world and the real world, as modern minorities.
Directed by Brionna Scrivens
Written by Ali Alsaleh
Cast: Dajanae Cole, Ali Alsaleh, Randa Newman, Seth Dunlap, Steve Wedan, Tiffany Day, Alfredo Rodriguez, A.T. Branch

Ode to my Father
A musician uses music & art to heal while trying to solve the emotional puzzle left behind by his father’s suicide before becoming a father himself.
Directed by Jorge Requena Ramos
Written by Jorge Requena Ramos

After her son's untimely death in a car accident, an elderly widow buries her grief in work until a new customer takes a liking to her son and daughter-in-law.
Directed by Phulawa Khamkar
Written by Sandesh Kulkarni
Cast: Amruta Subhash, Jyoti Subhash, Sandesh Kulkarni, Vajra Pawar, Nayan Jadhav

The Tides
The tides centers around a young Muslim woman's identity and her personal sense of belonging. Cutting a piece of thread that's been a part of her inner fabric for so long and the fears of letting go. Parting ways with her hijab was never meant to be easy.
Directed by Maryam Hajibeigi
Written by Maryam Hajibeigi
Cast: Maryam Hajibeigi, Ismail Bashey, Jeremy Ford

When dysfunctional Ray walks in on her perfect best friend Cora trying to kill herself, secrets are revealed and humor is found in unexpected places. A dark comedy exploring the themes of postpartum depression and female friendship.
Directed by Sonia Sawkar
Written by Sonia Sawkar
Cast: Sonia Sawkar, Antonia Miran, Noe Flores, Alex Mortensen, Penelope Gregg

Falling Up
A college student struggles to accept his transition into adulthood, coping through various absurdist scenarios.
Directed by Davis Cameron Chu
Written by Davis Cameron Chu
Cast: Davis Cameron Chu

BLOCK E - Day 2 at 3:50pm

Hidden Wounds
A raw and inspiring documentary filmed over the course of six years, three families find triumphs when tested by challenges of the body and mind like never before.
Directed by Richard Lui


Awards will be presented at 5:20pm on Day 2.

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