The 4th HIDFF

4th Season Schedule
This event will be held in Hollywood on August 7th and 8th, 2021 beginning at 1PM Pacific Time each day. For details on the venue location, see our Festival page.

See Me: A Global Concert
Directed by Bernadette Wegenstein, Nico Daswani, Marin Alsop, Es Devlin
An original musical film about the power of hope and connection during a global pandemic. Filmed as a cinematic musical experience, See Me poetically interweaves the musical contributions of orchestras and choirs in Afghanistan, Austria, Brazil, China, Italy, South Africa and the United States, into a singular moment of beauty and unity that will remind us for years to come of this very moment in history.

The Monkey King
Written & Directed by Yingqi Ren
Bao, a 40-year-old divorcé and small-time Chinese Opera amateur performer finally gets a chance to perform to the city’s VIPs. However, his son’s departure to America forces him to make a decision between their relationship and his potential big break.
Cast: Jizhong Zhang

Written & Directed by Moses Lawi
Follows Mercy, a young boy who lives in a poor neighborhood with his ill mom who can not afford the medical attention she needs. Mercy comes up with a creative way to raise money for his mom.
Cast: Ian Harris, Raushad Williams, Ian Segears, Ayanna Le Andre

The Revolution Generation
Written & Directed by Josh Tickell and Rebecca Tickell
Narrated and starring Michelle Rodriguez (Lost, Avatar, The Fast and Furious), THE REVOLUTION GENERATION is a manifesto for today's youth on the societal forces that have shaped and held back their generation, and how they can deploy their unique strengths to revolutionize the political system.

Spiritual Farm
Written & Directed by Madeline Healy
After being evicted, a whacky healer who runs a Spiritual Farm desperately tries to win money by entering her human chicken choir into a talent competition.

Sorry We Missed You
Written & Directed by Craig Bettendorf
A series telling stories of those who contributed greatly and for whatever reason aren't exactly front-of-mind in our collective consciousness.

Not Just a Name
Written & Directed by De'Onna "Tree" Young-Stephens
Explores the stigma and racial bias experienced by African-Americans with unique sounding names, as well as the historical origin of these names in America.

A Little Twist
Directed by Arie Oramahi
Written by Santirta Martendano and Arie Oramahi
The story of MENAS in challenging the stigma of gender discrimination within the weaving culture in the eastern part of Indonesia. His love for his late mother puts him against his own father, a loyal supporter of the tradition inherited by many generations before in his motherland.

Pick a Side
Written & Directed by Edward Green
Marcus, a successful Computer Programmer wants to live the good life and will do whatever it takes to live the so called American Dream.

Directed by Ray Knowledge
Written by Latrisha Anderson and Britney Butler
After having a rough start to life, Zack is now working hard to be a father who is a shining example for his son, Travis-despite his toxic household. Being oppressed by a system that is designed against him, he does everything in his power to persevere.

Written & Directed by Dusan Brown
A short film telling the story of what happens to a kid when years of neglect and anger fester?

Outdoors (Au plein air)
Directed by Collyns Tafial and Kalenge Tafial
Written by Collyns Tafial
A homeless youth settled at the edge of a Parisian canal takes care of his appearance to hide his homeless status when he meets a lady and her young son who changes his life forever.

Black is the New Brown
Directed by Jeffrey Guerra Hunt
Written by Lorena Jorge
When Olivia lands the job of her dreams as a casting associate, she is given the difficult task to cast Hollywood's next big Latin Star. Can she overcome her own prejudice and look past stereotypes and expectations of what it is to be Latin, especially Afro-Latino.

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