Saturday 2/22 - Short Films Block (1:00 PM)

The Scar Runs Through The Pupil
Using a discarded textbook, Amanda depicts her journey as a foster child in the education system. The unforeseen events disrupt the learning narrative.
Directed by Amanda May

Girl Stuff
A female friendship is put to the test when a battle over who will face their fears first commences.
Directed by Jon Enge
Written by Tiffany Cornwell and Kendra Alaura
Starring Kendra Alaura, Shawn Dunbar, Tiffany Cornwell

Keema & Her Pack
The brutality of child abuse, poverty, racism and homophobia made it difficult for a young woman to open her heart—until a chance encounter with a dog changed the trajectory of her life.
Produced by Mutual Rescue

An Uncomfortable Woman
A dark comedy short film about a 33-year-old woman experiencing a transitional period of her life. After the sudden death of her mother followed by the end of her long-term engagement, Dylan becomes obsessed with a foreboding thought: Don’t all bad things happen in threes? Sensing another tragedy lurks around the corner, Dylan must navigate her fear of being alone, the male species, and an unwanted house party, all while armed with questionable yet endearing support from her childhood best friend.
Directed by Meghan Ross
Starring Robin Beltrán

The Blessing
When a timid, midwestern boy decides to propose to his girlfriend, he has to go through her immigrant, Chinese mother first.
Directed, Written, and Produced by Liann Kaye
Starring Ryan D. Wright, Yoko Hyun

The Nun's Kaddish
A heart-warming vignette that portrays a true story of inter-religious kindness when a Nun observes a Jewish ritual.
Directed by Luis Ismael

Our Home Here
Parallel stories of broken relationships between parents and their children striving for the American Dream, all revolving around one explosive night at a fast food joint in Texas.
Directed by Angela Chen
Produced by Xinlei "Summer" Yang
Starring Dianne Doan (Vikings, Warriors, Descendants), Brandon Soo Hoo (Tropic Thunder, G.I. Joe, Ender's Game, Teen Wolf, Teen Titans), Maria Raquenel Portillo (My Life is a Telenovela, Santa Diabla, Eva La Trailera), Nick Fink (Sweet/Vicious, [email protected], The Fosters)

A comedic nod to 90s hip-hop music videos, celebrating the VIP lifestyle of a woman in a wheelchair.
Directed by Alison Becker
Starring Santina Muha (Curb Your Enthusiasm, One Day at a Time)

'Ofeina'o Lesieli
A documentary about a day in the life of Lesieli, a bright and loveable young Tongan woman living with Down Syndrome.
Directed by Shannon Robinson

Saturday 2/22 - Feature Film (2:45 PM)

South Central Love
In the unforgiving streets of Los Angeles, the story follows a couple who comes from two different worlds. But through their trials and tribulations, they realize their broken families assist in bringing them closer together.
Directed, Written, and Produced by Christina Cooper
Starring Christina Cooper, Jamal R. Henderson

Saturday 2/22 - Feature Film (4:15 PM)

Only The Educated Are Free: The Journey of Michael A. Middleton
A documentary celebrating the life of the civil rights attorney and former University of Missouri System president.
Directed by Jonathan E. McCormack

Sunday 2/23 - Short Films Block (1:00 PM)

What Just Happened
A young woman is subject to an unexpected and harrowing encounter and has to deal with the impact that it has on her life.
Directed by Francis Yamoah
Starring Yazmin Belo

2041. While an unorthodox virus ravages the digital battlefields of Cyber War II, a renegade hacker and her interrogating CyberFed share far more than a mutual interest in the virus's origins.
Directed by Ivy Agregan

The story of a young married mute girl who suffers domestic violence perpetrated by her husband and mother on a daily basis. She takes a crucial decision of her life to live with her loved ones.
Directed by Sreehari Purimetla and Aditya Joshi
Written by Sreehari Purimetla
Starring Sanya Bansal

Light in Dark Places
A mother discovers the truth about the past when she's left to pack up her daughter's house after a tragic car accident.
Written and Directed by Lagueria Davis
Starring Brea Grant, Benita K Nall, Virtic Brown

Labor Relations
An absurd comedy about a very pregnant woman who goes into labor at work and decides to keep working while she delivers her baby.
Written and Directed by Karisa Bruin
Starring Christine Lin

My Destiny, Their Call
The story of Leila, an 18 year old Lebanese girl who was raped by her cousin and forced to marry him - a marriage arranged by her family to avoid a scandal.
Directed by Anthony Merchak
Starring Katy Youness, Kamil Youssef

Sunday 2/23 - Feature Film (2:20 PM)

Soumaya is a Muslim woman who worked as an executive at a transport company in France. After fourteen years in the position, she learns overnight that she had been dismissed and discovered the reasons for her dismissal on television that same evening.
Directed by Ubaydah Abu-Usayd and Waheed Khan
Starring Soraya Hachoumi

Sunday 2/23 - Feature Film (4:10 PM)

Ups and Downs
A young man with Down's Syndrome tricks his sister into a road trip to go to a concert, while being pursued by their mum. With no phones, no money and no plan, can they make it?
Directed by Eoin Cleland

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